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How we helped Zomato Gold multiple its subscriber based through a hyper-personalised campaign that led to a 2.5X increase in paid subscriptions

The Objectives

  • To create a global digital promotion strategy for Zomato Gold

  • To increase Zomato Gold’s membership in both India and the UAE

  • To create personalised content for different user groups, on a massive scale


The Execution

  • Segment Focused Acquisition

    We segmented our campaigns based on the engagement levels of the respective audiences with the Zomato Brand

  • Cross Selling

    Further, by leveraging online ordering patterns, we identified sub-segments which we would be the lowest hanging fruit for our subscriptions

  • Multi Channel Attribution

    We utilized a combination of Channel SDK and Singular reported data points to minimize Acquisition Costs

  • Testing and Experimentation

    We continuously tested CTAs, ad formats, extensions, USPs around offers, price points etc. to formulate the right communication mix


The #KinnectIMPACT

  • 2.5X Increase in paid subscription volumes, month over month.

  • 50% Reduction in cost of acquisition over the 1st three months