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How a 100-year old grocery chain digitally transformed to grow 3X in just one quarter. Today, Spencer`s runs over 125 stores, in over 35 cities across India. The contribution of E-commerce to the entire business was <1% in 2017. Here`s how we changed that:

The Objectives

  • Scaling their E-commerce business

  • Reducing the cost of user acquisition

  • Increasing average revenue per user


The Execution

  • Hyperlocal Marketing

    Given the 3 hour delivery promise, we set up our campaigns based on the service capabilities of each store

  • Differential Re-targeting

    Re-marketing campaigns were segmented based on the user’s journey in the purchase funnel

  • Promoting Top SKUs
    Acquisition costs of products and categories across the web and app were utilized to create content and offers 
  • Aggressive Acquisition Offers

    Leveraging business data, offers that delivered best acquisitions were promoted

  • Conversion rate optimization

    Device based bid adjustments were made to maximize conversion rate

  • Mapping Shopping Patterns

    Budgets were allocated based on grocery purchasing patterns. We observed higher intent during the 1st week of the month

  • Scaling up with UAC
    Conversion event-based app install campaigns drove massive scale. CPAs were adjusted based on RoAS Goals 
  • Attribution and Retention Marketing

    We used, Firebase and Clevertap to understand install driving and purchase driving


The #KinnectIMPACT

  • 3X QoQ Growth in in-app transactions on the Android app

  • 20% Improvement in conversion rates on the Android App

  • 66% Increase in RoAS on website in 6 months