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Schwarzkopf Professional introduced an exciting set of blonde shades and looks, most suitable for Indian skin tones. Exclusively created for Schwarzkopf Professional by celebrity stylist Florian Hurel, these highly personalised looks ??#Variolights - were amplified by an equally personalised and contextualised campaign.

The Objectives

  • Create awareness about the launch of Vario Lights product range.

  • Highlight Vario Lights' customization with regards to skin color and hair type of Indian Women


The Execution

  • Product Awareness

    In the past, Indian Women have been apprehensive about trying out blonde hair colour because of their unique skin tones. Schwarzkopf Professional introduced an exciting set of blonde shades and looks, each perfectly wearable for all.

  • Contextual and Personalised Content

    We created over 300 ad variations to match every digital need, behaviour, and action possible. Identifying the types of content a consumer might view online, the brand followed their journey closely. If you were watching a fitness video, you saw an ad that related your hair colour with your passion for living a healthy life. If you loved travel content, you were sure to find an ad that promised vacation-ready hair. The idea was to closely match the personalised essence of the service with the ad campaign.

  • Right Ad at the Right Time

    Users in a browsing mindset are more likely to engage with ads that are highly contextual to the content watched by them. Hence, highly-targeted and highly specific, the VarioLights campaign was built for the woman of today - who knows exactly what she wants when she wants it!

  • Using Google’s Director Mix/Vogon Tool

    With the Director mix/Vogon tool we created dynamic video ads that helped brands to dynamically embed copy/text within the base videos to generate more than 250 video variations. We created six base videos to target six broad targeting categories including music/entertainment, celebrity, travel, health & hair care, shopping & generic. Each video under the specific category had multiple and unique ad copies embedded depending on the targeting subcategories, making the message more relevant.


The #KinnectIMPACT

  • In 20 days, the campaign generated a 40% view rate and a 40% video completion rate

  • In addition to the video completion rate, we were also able to bring 46k users to the store locator web page.

  • Through this highly-personalised and highly-targeted campaign, the product range experienced a 70% increase in their sales