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The most coveted space on YouTube is finally up for grabs!

What is that space? None other than YouTube's masthead, which features ads that run at the top of YouTube's home feed. These are not only YouTube?? most prominent ad units, but also its priciest.


  • For brands, this much sought-after ad space will greatly help in generating top-of-mind recall for customers.

  • Brands will also be impacted by the way YouTube will now sell its daily ads. The platform is shifting from a fixed, cost-per-day rate to cost-per-impression bidding. Which means brands can now buy masthead ads on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.

  • With the earlier fixed per-day rate, only one masthead spot was available per day, and only one advertiser could purchase that spot and only their masthead was shown to users during that day. Now, YouTube will open up a 7-day block of masthead space each week. More advertising opportunities for everyone!

  • The bids will determine the overall cost of the space over the course of the week. For instance, brands could buy out the full seven days, or just buy part of a day.

  • In addition, YouTube will allow brands to customise the audiences that they want to reach out to with their ad.