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Kinnect, a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, offers Interactive Services range from Social Media to Media Planning & Buying, Website Development & Design, SEO &Marketing.

How you can leverage this platform for your business

At Kinnect, we're always aiming to create #KinnectIMPACT with everything we do.


  • So with that in mind, Tik Tok really caught our attention. With over 500 million global users and a number 1 rank on the App Store, it is the platform to reach out to the masses and create impact. And since India is its largest market after China, it makes absolute business sense to leverage it as a marketing platform. That is exactly what we did for Tide.

  • We used something that the youth loves - rap battles - on a platform that they resonate with - Tik Tok - to make Tide’s new TVC reach 10 million views and counting on Tik Tok!

  • Soon, the #TideUltraRapChallenge soon extended onto Facebook and Instagram as well

  • Key Takeaway: Go where your consumers are. The results will follow.