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The best way to use interaction and personalisation on YouTube

There is an ever-increasing focus on the power of personalisation to make a real business impact. Personalised and interactive videos build on the success videos are already enjoying amongst audiences

How we leveraged interactive brand communication for the first time ever on YouTube:

  • We created the very first interactive digital campaign in the real estate space, #AWonderfulWorld, that allowed users to engage with the actual content of the videos.

  • To help Lodha Group forge a connection with its consumers, #AWonderfulWorld let people virtually experience life at Upper Thane through a 4-part interactive micro-series.

  • What sets #AWonderfulWorld apart from a regular video campaign, however, is the fact that it engages the viewers by allowing them to choose how the story unfolds.

  • This degree of personalisation allowed each member of the family to choose an experience tailored to their preferences. A simple question like, “Where would you like to have your morning tea?” allowed the viewer to discover a customised amenity in Lodha Upper Thane-based on their answer.