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Increased Ad Recall from Google?? average of 15% to 18.5% through an emotionally resonant campaign

Continuous synergy between the media and creative strategy are a requirement today to be able to create an impact, more specifically an increase in the average ad recall by 3 percentage points!

How we did it

  • For The Lodha Group, we conceptualised and executed the real-estate sector's first ever campaign that connected with the audience emotionally along while backed by a solid media strategy.

  • The Lodha Group’s desire to connect with NRIs spurred a video campaign, A Place Called Home, which aimed to answer the question - how does an NRI parent help his child resonate with his home country in a meaningful way while not compromising on his lifestyle?

  • Positioning Lodha's world-class properties and luxurious amenities as ideal for an NRI who may be visiting India for the first time, we created a video that would generate top-of-mind recall for an NRI looking to invest in real-estate in India.

  • Through this emotionally resonant video, we surpassed Google's standard of Ad Recall with 18.5% as opposed to its benchmark of 15%.

  • The video also saw a completion rate of 45%, including the views from the highly competitive  UAE and UK markets.