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Kinnect, a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, offers Interactive Services range from Social Media to Media Planning & Buying, Website Development & Design, SEO &Marketing.

As a brand, Kinnect represents a digital agency that challenges the status quo and is always dynamically evolving to harness the full potential of digital.

So, when a pandemic confined us to our homes, we made sure to adhere to the lockdown while our ideas and creativity remained un-lockdownable!

From ideating and strategising over the phone, sharing self-shot videos as references, to even directing shoots over video calls, we have managed to remotely execute some of our biggest campaigns yet!

Hum Haar Nahi Maanenge

Hum Haar Nahi Maanenge - a song of strength, togetherness, and hope, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, by A.R. Rahman, Prasoon Joshi, HDFC Bank & various talented artists. Conceptualised and executed remotely by Kinnect, the song pays tribute to the never-say-die spirit of our nation.

Mat Kar Forward

We joined hands with TikTok for a campaign urging India to be responsible because every single day we make choices that can be the difference between life and death, hate, and harmony.

Are you unintentionally spreading misinformation, fake news, and hate? Double-check every single video, message, and forward you get, before passing it on. And when in doubt, #MatKarForward

Live From Home

Following the lockdown due to COVID-19, people were in their safe space, with the greatest companion they've got - their home! However, a change in routine, different work settings, and social distancing was tough for many.

Asian Paints has a strong connect with 'homes', and is a pioneer in reflecting through its communication what homes are for people. Now at a time when everyone was rediscovering their home all over again - we decided to resonate the sentiment through #LiveFromHome.